Hello, I am Michele

As a single mother of two, I embarked on a journey fueled by the desire to secure a brighter future and carve out a new career path. Fate smiled upon me when I met the love of my life, yet life’s unexpected turns can be merciless. In a devastating moment, my world was shattered when my husband’s life was tragically cut short in an accident. Left to navigate the overwhelming grief and chaos on my own, a spark ignited within me.

Believing fervently in the transformative power of shared wisdom, I realized that my own journey could serve as a beacon of hope and catalyst for change. 

My “Moments of Illumination” book series, genre is a hybrid fictional novel with a captivating blend of romance, adventure, and features wisdom tips, and is based on personal experience.  It serves as a source of inspiration for many women and men. Inspired by the series, Celebrate Her Wisdom® provides a platform to amplify the voices of women and equip them with practical tools for navigating life’s challenges. Order the free chapter now!

Twelve years ago, I started a movement to help the widowed and the orphaned. Through extensive research and aiding millions of widowed and orphans via online peer support and collaborative partnerships nationally, I recognized the depth of the problem. 

Out of the 20 million widowed and orphaned, 70% or more were not prepared emotionally, physically, or financially leaving millions of families facing huge losses including homes, schools, extracurricular activities, illness, and more.

We have a huge problem in the US. We have over 100 million women and their families at risk emotionally, physically, and financially.

The best way I can contribute to solving this problem is by empowering women to share their wisdom with each other now—before a major life event occurs. By participating in movement called Celebrate Her Wisdom® using the Power to Protect (P2P) guided conversation, women can not only gain valuable insights but also add their personal stories on the interconnectedness of love, death, and money to share with the women in their world.

To address this pressing issue, I’ve initiated The Power to Protect (P2P) challenge for a National Conversation. Women can participate and share with their loved ones—mothers, sisters, daughters, friends, and families. Through this collective sharing of experiences and wisdom, we can empower each other to confront the challenges we face and take proactive steps toward financial preparedness and emotional resilience.

At the core of this advocacy lies a simple yet profound truth: when women share their wisdom, they uplift and protect each other. This message, woven into the fabric of my personal narrative, serves not only as a testament to resilience but also as a call to action. 

By amplifying the voices of women and encouraging them to share their insights, I aim to underscore the critical importance of collective empowerment in safeguarding the ones we hold dear.

Recently, I met with Barbara Corcoran, American Businesswoman, who read the first 3 books in my Moments of Illumination series. She not only provided me with an endorsement, but suggested I start a nonprofit to help get the information out to women.

Celebrate Her Wisdom is a powerful force designed to be the platform to deliver the message and help solve the problem. www.celebrateherwisdom.org

Join me on this journey where the power of shared wisdom intersects with the national challenge of securing futures and strengthening families!

Through the exchange of stories, experiences, and guidance, I hope to ignite a conversation and drive positive change. My aspiration is for this narrative to serve as a beacon of hope, empowering women to confront life’s challenges with courage, resilience, and the assurance that their wisdom can indeed guide them through any adversity.

We can bridge the gap very quickly!

Let’s reach 1 million women now….


Join Michele on this journey through her series

Join Michele on this journey through her series, where love, resilience, and the quest for financial independence converge. Her narrative is a beacon of hope, inspiring individuals to navigate life’s challenges with strength, fortitude, and the assurance that being financially prepared is not just a choice but a transformative force.

Discover the power of Michele’s story – a story that has the potential to change not only lives but the very fabric of a nation.