This is a gift that my teenaged son gave to me. It is a powerful song that speaks to the deep emotions children feel and how children are impacted by death of an important parent in their lives. This song has been played on iHeart Radio.

Come with Me

by Sam Ericksen

©2013 Used with permission

I got some questions for you I don’t know if you can answer

But they’ve been eating at me, It’s like my mind has cancer

Like why’d you have to leave so soon? There’s more for you to do.

I’d even take one more month, why couldn’t you leave in June?

I might sound angry, But it’s just cuz I’m confused

Why weren’t you at my games? I played football for you.

Sometimes I sit and wish that none of it had ever happened

That you were still here, and everyone was happy

I understand myself, but how could you make my momma cry?

And my little brother, I still see the hurt up in his eyes

I had a girlfriend for two years, and you never met her

Well, I mean we went to see you once, but I try and forget it

Cuz I broke down ‘fore I could say what I wanted to

I guess, I never really will be quite as strong as you

She saw me cry, turned around and walked back to the car

you could have warned me that she would end up breaking my heart

I just hope.

That you stay lookin over me

Without you I don’t know who I’d be

And if you could, can you save me a seat? Please? (X2)

I’m sorry, I don’t mean to take it all out on you

I know that this didn’t cost me nearly what it has cost for you

Just come back home, and I promise that it’ll all be good

Maybe then I’d come to be the man you always said I could

I’m trying hard, but it just seems like it aint enough

It used to be smooth waters but now they done turned rough

I try to tell myself that you’re watching me from above

But it’s just not the same since he took you here from us

I’ve turned away from the people that I’m supposed to love

And since I don’t know when they’ll leave, I got issues with trust

I just counted on you, to always be there when i needed help

Thinking back on it, I shouldn’ta just thought of myself

I pray that one day that I’ll be able to be with you

I guess what I’ve been trying to say is that I miss you.

I just hope.

That you stay lookin over me

Without you I don’t know who I’d be